Shoreham Bowling Herald

Shoreham Bowling Herald

The Winner of May's Bonus Ball is Roy Webb with number 45, well done Roy £25 on its way to you.

April's Bonus Ball Winner is Jenny Panting with No 36

Well done Jenny £25 on its way to you

March Bonus Ball Winner is Ray Bazen with No 11.

Well done Ray £25 on it's way to you

February's Bonus Ball winner is Richard Tourle with No 9, thats the third month on the trot, how do you do it?.

Well done Richard £25 on it's way

Friday 28th February Shoreham played a 4 rink friendly against Brighton Losing 43-71, winning on two rinks, David Sessions, Jamie Dunk, Keira Dunk skip John McMurran13-11, top rink were Mike Watts, Brenda Page, Roy Webb and skip David Goodman 14-10

Friday 21st February Shoreham hosted a 4 rink friendly against Goring Manor losing 60-69, winning on two rinks Jamie Dunk, Brenda Page , Dave Page skip Roy Webb 20-13, top rink were Monika Bartlett, Pat Glynn,Mike Redford skip John McMurran 21-10

Friday 14th February Shoreham played a 4 rink friendly against Southwick Park, losing 54-74 winning on two rinks David Clevett,Trevor Langrish skip John McMurran 17-11.

Top rink were Dave Page, Brenda Page, Keira Dunk skip Jamie Dunk 22-10

Friday 7th February Shoreham played Robin's Reliants in 4 rink friendly losing 62-69, winning on two rinks, Don Kinnier, John Bishop, Gerry Page skip Roy Webb 19-11, top rink were Ron Wallace, Derek Davis, Keira Dunk skip Jamie Dunk 27-7

Friday 31st January Shoreham played a very strong side from Adur IBC in a 4 rink friendly losing overall 53-78 drawing on one rink, wining on only one rink David Sessions, Barbara Clarke, Ray Chandler skip David Goodman 16-13, with the Captain's rink losing  6-32

January 2020 Bonus Ball Winner is Richard Tourle with No 21.

Well Done Richard £25 on its way to you

Friday the 24th January Shoreham hosted a 4 rink friendly against Peacehaven BC. Winning on all 4 rinks with an overall score of 85-54. Top rink for Shoreham were Richard Toule, John Wilmshurst Keira Dunk and skip Jamie Dunk 27-13

17th January Shoreham played Mackie BC in a 4Rink friendly winning 76-66. Winning on 2 and drawing another, winning rinks were David Sessions,Pat Glynn,Jamie Dunk and skip Roy Webb 18-15. Top rink were Mo Barnes,Richard Tourle,Keira Dunk and skip David Goodmam 22-12

January 10th 2020 Shoreham played Worthing Pavilion in a 4 rink friendly Losing 58-71 winning on two rinks Trevor Langrish,Dot Howe, Brenda Page skip Roy Webb 19-13, Colin Burton,Pat Glynn,David Goodman skip John McMurran 19-13, sadly the Captain's rink lost Monika Bartlett , Ray Bazen, Ann Stainsby skip Dave Page 9-30, dose'nt bode well for the up and coming trip to Gunton Hall