Shoreham Bowling Herald

Shoreham Bowling Herald

A fun night of Bingo Wednesday 15th April 7pm for 7.30 eyes down at the clubhouse Buckingham Park

Race Night 21st March 2020 at A.I.B.C 7pm for 7.30 start  £10 entry with a choice of fish, chicken or sausage & chip supper £6 without more info to come. Get your tickets from John McMurran or David Clevett

Friday 31st January Shoreham played a very strong side from Adur IBC in a 4 rink friendly losing overall 53-78 drawing on one rink, wining on only one rink David Sessions, Barbara Clarke, Ray Chandler skip David Goodman 16-13, with the Captain's rink losing  6-32

January 2020 Bonus Ball Winner is Richard Tourle with No 21.

Well Done Richard £25 on its way to you

Friday the 24th January Shoreham hosted a 4 rink friendly against Peacehaven BC. Winning on all 4 rinks with an overall score of 85-54. Top rink for Shoreham were Richard Toule, John Wilmshurst Keira Dunk and skip Jamie Dunk 27-13

17th January Shoreham played Mackie BC in a 4Rink friendly winning 76-66. Winning on 2 and drawing another, winning rinks were David Sessions,Pat Glynn,Jamie Dunk and skip Roy Webb 18-15. Top rink were Mo Barnes,Richard Tourle,Keira Dunk and skip David Goodmam 22-12

January 10th 2020 Shoreham played Worthing Pavilion in a 4 rink friendly Losing 58-71 winning on two rinks Trevor Langrish,Dot Howe, Brenda Page skip Roy Webb 19-13, Colin Burton,Pat Glynn,David Goodman skip John McMurran 19-13, sadly the Captain's rink lost Monika Bartlett , Ray Bazen, Ann Stainsby skip Dave Page 9-30, dose'nt bode well for the up and coming trip to Gunton Hall

December and the last one for 2019 Bonus Ball winner is Elaine Tourle with No 9.

Well done to everyone who won this year, to those who didn't please remember you are supporting the club and a big thank you to you all.


Friday 13th December Shoreham played Mackie BC in a 4 rink friendly, Losing overall 37-71 with only Mo Barnes, Pat Glynn, Mike Redford skip Dave Page 12-12 with any success.

Friday 6th December Shoreham played a 4 rink friendly against Southwick Park BC  Winning on three rinks, Ann Stainsby, Barbara Clarke, Dave Page skip Roy Webb 19-17, Monika Bartlett, David Clevett, Jamie Dunk skip Ron Wallace 24-11 top rink were Trevor Langrish, Gerry Page, Mike Watts skip Norman Cosgrove 30-6. Winning overall 89-52

Friday 29th November Shoreham played Southwick BC in a 4 rink friendly.

Winning overall 71-53 with wins on two rinks, Trevor Langrish, Brian Melhuish, Keira Dunk skip David Goodman 23-12

Top rink went to Ann Stainsby, Gerry Page, Mike Watts skip Dave Page 25-9

Friday 8th November Shoreham played Adur I.B.C. at Adur sadly losing 39-88 losing on all 4 rinks.

Wednesday 13th November Shoreham sent a team to Worthing Pavilion BC for a 4 rink friendly,losing overal 59-92 winning on one rink, Ann Stainsby, Mike Watts, Dave Page skip Norman Cosgrove 16-11.

Friday 15th November Shoreham hosted a 4 rink friendly against Steyning BC at Adur losing overall 59-74 winning on only one rink, Monika Bartlett, Colin Burton, Dave Page skip Ray Chandler

Friday 1st November Shoreham BC hosted a 4 rink friendly against Peacehaven BC. With shoreham winning overall 77-58 winning on 3 rinks Ann Stainsby, Mike Watts, Jamie Dunk skip David Goodman 19-15, Monika Bartlett, Mike Redford, Trevor Langrish skip Dave Page 19-13, top rink were David Sessions, Keira Dunk, Ray Chandler skip Roy Webb 22-13

Friday 25th October Shoreham BC hosted a 4 Rink Friendly against Worthing I.B.C. Winning overall 70-51 with succes on 3 rinks Jamie Dunk, John Bishop, Brenda Page skip Roy Webb 17-16. Ann Stainsby, Pat Glynn, Trevor Langrish skip John McMurran 16-6. top rink goes to Ray Chandler, Keira Dunk, David Goodman skip Ron Wallace 21-7.

Friday 18th October Goring Manor BC were visitors to the A.I.B.C, for a 4 rink friendly, with Goring Manor winning overall 54-67, Shoreham drew one rink, David Clevett,Mike Redford, Richard Tourle skip Dot Howe 17-17. The only winning rink were, Mo Barnes,Ray Bazen, Jenny Panting skip Ray Chandler 17-13.

Friday 11th October Shoreham BC played a 4 rink friendly against Robin's Reliants,(Members of A.I.B.C). Winning 64-49, with wins on 3 rinks. David Sessions,Jenny Panting, Mike Redford skip John McMurran 15-12, Ann Stainsby, Brian Melhuish, Dot Howe skip Dave Page 15-8, top rink were, Mo Barnes, David Clevett, Ray Chandler skip David Goodman 24-11.

Shoreham Bowls Club first Indoor Match in our New club shirts against Hangleton BC winning 92-50 with wins on 3 rinks, Ann Stainsby,Pat Glynn, Reg Bradbury skip Dave Page 15-12,  Mo Barnes,Brian Melhuish,Mike Watts skip Dot Howe 17-8, Colin Burton,Brenda Page, Mike Redford skip Jamie Dunk 43-11