Shoreham Bowling Herald


Shoreham Bowling Herald

Weekly News 30th July to 5th August


A busy week for Shoreham BC. Monday 30th we hosted a Hove League match at home against The Vicarage BC losing 48(1pt) to52(4pts).


Tuesday 31st Shoreham played their rearranged Bill Hawkins match against Lancing BC, with the home team of David Goodman,John McMurran, Mike Redford skip Jamie Dunk winning their match by 4shots and the away team of Dave Page,Mike Watts,Norman Cosgrove skip Ron Wallace losing by 4 shots, it took an extra end played at our green to get a winner, which Shoreham Won by 2 shots and now face Woodingdean BC in the quarter- finals.On the 13th August at 6pm


Wednesday 1st August Shoreham sent a team to Goring Manor Spitfires for a Stracey League match. Sadly losing on all 4 Rinks 58(0pts) to 103(10pts).


Friday 3rd August Shoreham played host to Southwick BC in an Adur League Match, with only little success drawing only on one rink Colin Burton, Peter Sumner skip Dave Page 11-11 1pt to 13pts.


Saturday 4th a Shoreham team of David Goodman, Dave Page, Mike Redford skip Jamie Dunk beat a team from Norfolk BC in a Edward Rowland Quarter-Final 20-16, and now face a team from Chichester BC at Burgess Hill BC on 18th August, hoping togo one better than last year and reach the Final. Your support would be most welcome.


Sunday 5th Adur Top Team day

And would you belive it Shoreham BC are overall winners, unbelivable Geoff!!. With Edgar Powell, Joan Pearson, Trevor Langrish skip Dot Howe winning the mixed pairs, and Henry Woods guest team winning the mixed Triples,and supported by Colin Burton, Don Peters,Richard Tourle skip Mike Redford in the Men's Rink.

Barbara Clarke & John McMurran in Mixed Pairs, also Monika Bartlett and Dave Page in the Mixed Pair's.

Stop Press.....This is Fake News, Open top bus parade has been cancelled


Weekly News 23rd July to 29th July


This weeks Bowling has been affectted by the weather. Wednesday 25th our Stracey League match against Goring Manor Hurricanes was cancelled due to the very hot weather as was Thursday's friendly at home to Southwick BC.


Friday's Adur League match against Lancing BC was won by Shoreham BC 79(12pts)-67(2pts), winning on 4 rinks, Jamie Dunk, Peter Sumner skip Brenda Page 19-14, Malcom Merrell, Edgar Powell skip John McMurran 16-11, Monika Bartlett, Colin Burton skip Mike Redford 20-16 and Ann Stainsby, Richard Tourle skip Trevor Langrish 15-11.


Sundays planned Bill Hawkins match against Lancing BC was postponed untill Tuesday night due to Shoreham's green was flooded !!, What a difference in just 3 days.

July's Bonus Ball Winner

with No 10 it goe's to Jamie Dunk

£25 towards a sleve on an Albion Shirt!!

Weekly News 16th July to 22nd July



Tuesday 17th July Shoreham played their last Brighton Hove League match of the season at home to Brighton BC, with Brighton needing a good win to secure promotion back to Division One, with Shoreham losing on two rinks Trevor Langrish,David Goodman, Mike Redford skip Norman Cosgrove 18-24 and Dave Page, Mike Watts, Brian Melhuish skip Ron Wallace 15-21 Brighton looked likely to reach their target, but a superb win by Richard Tourle, Peter Sumner, John McMurran skip Jamie Dunk 32-8 Shoreham had an overall win of 65-53 with 6pts to 4 going to Shoreham, and with Southwick Park beating Peacehaven BC, Brighton missed out by 1pt to Southwick Park, leavind Shoreham in a ceditable 4th place just 6pts off top spot.


Wednesday 18th Shoreham hosted a Stracey League match against Tarring Priory BC, against a very strong team, Shoreham lost 70 (3pts)- 90(7pts) with Shoreham losing on two rinks,drawning on one,Mike Harding,Jenny Panting, Peter Sumner skip John McMurran 16-16, top rink were Don Peters, Joan Pearson, David Turnidge skip David Clevett 21-15.


Friday 20th Shoreham started their Adur League matches away at Southwick Park, with many players unavailable Shoreham struggled, losing in all matches 57(0pts) - 99(14pts).


Saturdays friendly match against Southwick BC was cancelled due to Southwicks commitments

Weekly News 8th July To 15th July


Tuesday 10th July Shoreham played Rottingdean BC in a Brighton & Hove League match, after being behind on all three rinks at the half way stage Shoreham rallied and eventully won the match 66(10pts) - 50(0pts) the first ten point win of the league season,winning on all three rinks, Bernie Read,Peter Sumner,John McMurran skip Jamie Dunk 20-16, Trevor Langrish,David Turnidge,David Goodman skip Norman Cosgrove 20-16 and top rink were Dave Page, Mike Watts, Brian Melhuish skip Ron Wallace 26-18. With only one more match to be played at home to Brighton A this Tuesday Night 6pm.


Wednesday 11th July a team from Shoreham BC traveled to Homefield Park Worthing to play a 3 rink Friendly, Shoreham won this encounter with a narrow 4 shots 51-47, winning on two rinks, Mike Harding, Edgar Powell,Colin Burton skip David Goodman 17-15, top rink were Don Peters, Irene Wood, Mike Watts skip David Clevett 15-12.


Thursday 12th a bit of a disaster playing away to Brighton BC in the Hove League the team suffered a defeat of 30(0pts) - 69(5pts).


Friday 13th, unlucky for some, Shoreham hosted a 4 Rink Friendly with Peacehaven BC, on a very hot afternoon all even upto the break, afterwards refreshed by the tea Shoreham rolled away to a 81-65 win. Winning on three rinks, Mike Harding,Monika Bartlett, Jenny Panting skip Peter Sumner 17-14, Mary Turnidge,Joan Pearson, David Sessions skip David Goodman 21-20 requiring 3 shots to win on the last end, Colin Burton, Richard Tourle, Brenda (mamma) Page skip Jamie Dunk 32-9.


Sunday 15th Shoreham B team in the Edward Rowland Cup played away at Brighton BC, after being 7-0 down, winning 6 ends on the bounce won the match 26-20, David Goodman, Dave Page, Mike Redford skip Jamie Dunk, and will be at home on Saturday 4th August 10am to Norfolk BC in the next round.

A 2ndCountry Market

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Saturday 14th July2018


9am to 12 noon

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Last Weeks News


Tuesday 3rd July Shoreham played Lancing BC in a Brighton & Hove League match, in a very close match Shoreham won 55(7pts)- 54(3pts) with Lancing needing 5 shots onthe very last end of the last match but only getting 4 shots. The teams were Dave Page, Mike Watts, Brian Melhuish skip Ron Wallace lost 17-22, Bernie Read, Peter Sumner, John McMurran skip Jamie Dunk drew 16-16 & David Goodman,David Turnidge, Mike Redford skip Norman Cosgrove won 22-16.


Wednesday 4th July Shoreham played away at Hangleton BC in a 3 rink friendly, winning another very close match 49-47 with only one successful rink. Teams were Colin Burton,Irene Wood, Gerry Page skip Dot Howe lost 14-19. David Turnidge,Mary Turnidge,Brenda Page skip David Goodman lost14-18. Top Rink were Joan Pearson,Don Peters,Jenny Panting Super Skip David Clevett 21-10.


Also on Wednesday night Club Captain Jamie Dunk played his Quarter- Final Champion of Champions match against D Anderson of Hove & Kingsway BC at Worthing Pavilion BC sadly losing 19-21 in a very tight match.


In the annual President V Captain match played Friday the Captains team was succesful in winning on two rinks 15-10 & 21-11 but losing on one 15-16 thus winning overall 51-37.

June's Bonus Ball Winner is Ann Cutts with No 50


£25 on its way to you Ann Well Done!

Monday 25th July Shoreham played at Home to Hove & Kingsway BC in a Hove League match winning 45(3pts) to 44(2pts).


Tuesday 26th Shoreham Played away at Southwick Park in a Brighton&Hove League Div2 Match losing 49(2pts) to 62(8pts).


Thursday 28th Club Captain Jamie Dunk played his Champion of Champions area Final match against C Wilkins Burgess Hill BC winning 21-13 and now goes forward to play D Anderson of Hove & Kingsway BC in the Quarter- Finals on the 4th July at Worthing Pavilion 6pm.


Saturday 30th Shoreham BC played Rottingdean BC in a 3 rink friendly, losing 35-59, winning on one rink, Barbara Clarke,Don Peters,Jenny Panting skip David Clevett 18-6

Shoreham Bowls Club

Are pleased to announce that we have received from WSCC Community Initiative Fund a grant for £3500 to extend the clubhouse to the changing rooms. The work will be done in the winter.


A big thank you to Councillor Debbie Kennard for supporting this project