Shoreham Bowling Herald

Shoreham Bowling Herald

Shoreham Bowls Club first Indoor Match in our New club shirts against Hangleton BC winning 92-50 with wins on 3 rinks, Ann Stainsby,Pat Glynn, Reg Bradbury skip Dave Page 15-12,  Mo Barnes,Brian Melhuish,Mike Watts skip Dot Howe 17-8, Colin Burton,Brenda Page, Mike Redford skip Jamie Dunk 43-11

Shoreham Bowls Club end of season Presentation & Dinner at AIBC 26th October 7pm for 7.30. Raffle prizes welcomed get your tickets from Dave Clevett or John McMurran. Please support your club

September's Bonus Ball Winner is Betty Scott with Number 26

Shoreham Masters Winner Dave Page

Runner-Up Mike Redford

Semi-Finalists Monika Bartlett,David Goodman,Mike Watts,David Sessions,Roy Webb and Richard Tourle

August's Bonus Ball winner is Club President John McMurran with No 15.

Well Done John

Club President John McMurran (R) and Captain of the Day Roy Webb being presented with the Shoreham BC Invitation Trophy

Members of Shoreham BC & Downland Rollers who played in the Shoreham Invitation Trophy